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Flocks of Starlings, Pigeons, and other nuisance birds have been attacking industrial campuses throughout the world. These flocks invade the structures at night and with their accumulated droppings can cause maintenance, health, safety problems, and loss of product. Avian Systems LLC has developed a line of commercial and industrial products that combat this very threat.

These systems were born from an idea given to us by a local USDA representative, in 1989. In his discussions with our engineers, he stated that he was tired of seeing people blow their money on neat electronic gadgets that do not work. At this item, it was his position that no product on the electronic bird scaring market would effectively work for more than one season. The key to cracking the roosting and nesting problem was to create a system that the birds could not become acclimated to. Avian Systems has done just that. Since 1992, Avian Systems has installed these systems in a variety of industrial campuses including: generating station, substations, pharmaceutical plants, loading structures (docks and warehouses), food producers, breweries, and petroleum refineries.

A former head of maintenance at Louisville Gas and Electric stated that, over the years a roost of several hundred thousand starling were populating a major substation near the riverfront development. The accumulated dropping were causing mechanical problems with the substation equipment, damage to the cars parked in the lot below the station, and an odor to proliferate throughout the riverfront area. A few weeks after installing the systems the starling had abandoned the station.

Site supervisor of a New England chemical manufacturer, All of are raw materials and products come to our campus on barges and are loaded and unloaded on our dock. For years we have been combating a roost of sea gulls that have been creating a significant health and safety hazard to these dock. Over the years, my predecessors and I have attempted everything we could think of to get rid of the birds. Our savior came in the form of a high advanced sound system from Avian Systems. After including the Avian Systems products in our bird management regimen, we have found that the health and safety threat has been virtually eliminated. I has also seen a savings in maintenance dollars spent on cleaning the dock.

The accumulation of bird droppings caused a significant health and safety threat, as well as structural damage to our support structures. Stated a facility maintenance director of a large Midwest electrical producer and supplier. After installing the systems, the bird population went from five hundred thousand starlings and five thousand pigeons to no starlings and a few hundred pigeons.

I had to power wash the entire generating station several times a year to keep the droppings from accumulating to an extent that would cause the workers to not enter certain areas of the plant. Wrote a retired maintenance director of a Generating station outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. After installing several of Avian Systems products throughout the station, I was able to keep the station clean with only one power wash per year. This was a savings to the plant of over $60,000 per year.

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