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There has been a recent phenomenon in the behavior of Canadian Geese and other migratory birds. They no longer see the needs to migrate. This trend has caused many areas to figure out new ways to keep out the ever-expanding goose population. Golf Courses are especially vulnerable to over population of geese. Because of the landscaping involved in most golf courses, they are an excellent place for geese to inhabit. Golf courses provide food (grasses, often of several varieties), shelter (wooded areas), and most importantly water.

With the aid of research published by the USDA, Avian Systems has created a system to remove geese from these areas. It has been shown that most of the droppings and refuse left by geese are left during their nightly roost. So Avian Systems ASC 7500 system targets only this behavior. With the use of active monitoring systems (either microphones for voices recognition or radar), the ASC 7500 activates a rotating red laser. This laser is non-harmful to birds or people, but will cause the geese to flee the area.

In testing this unit we found that a roosting colony of geese was completely removed from an area in a matter of three or four nights. These geese did not return while the system was in place (the system was in place for eight weeks).

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ASC 7500 Rotating Laser System





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