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The following information is required to determine how the CLAW system should be tailored to best meet the customers needs. Please make sure that ALL questions are answered; and answered as completely as possible. 

Information that cannot be obtained precisely (e.g. number of bird strikes over last 12 months), please attempt to obtain the best estimate possible and make sure that you put ESTIMATE after the answer.

We will need a layout of runway(s), surrounding buildings, and geographic features (e.g. bodies of water, hills, etc.) drawn to scale. Most airports already have to scale blueprints and drawings that will serve this purpose.  Please mark on the layout the areas where the problem birds are most active, and by species if possible. Please attach the file below:


  How many birds and what types of species are involved?

  What is the predominate species?

  What percentage is the predominate species to overall population?


  What times of year (in months) are the birds most active?

  Is the airport installation on any known migratory paths?

  How many bird strikes has the installation suffered in the last 12 months? In the last three years?

  What VHF frequency will be used? This can be determined later, but must be determined before manufacturing begins. Since our system will have so little traffic, and in very short bursts, our system can (and quite often does) co-exist on an existing channel.

  What, if any, impediments will exist to line of site communication between the proposed antenna location and the proposed remote station locations?

  Where will the control hub be located?

  Where will the dipole antenna be located (be specific)?

  Describe suggested mounting procedure and height for antenna.

  What is the length of cable that will be required between the hub and antenna? (be sure to allow for proper routing between the two)
  How should the antenna cable be routed? Will conduit be required?

  Are there any impediments to positioning cannons along the runways? (250 to 300 ft. from the centerline and approx. 1,000 to 1,500 ft. apart, both sides) such as ditches, grades, dips, etc? If so, how should we overcome this?

  Are there any concerns about 120VAC power and/or availability of outlets for hub, computer and rechargers for hand-helds?  If this is a non-US installation, what voltage, now many cycles per second, and what male plug layout is required?

  How many hand-held transmitters will be needed?

  Will we be using an available computer or should we supply? If using an available computer, it must have a Windows operating system, (any version through Windows 98), have an available com port, and the computer used will have to be located within 25 ft. of the hub for RS232 connection.

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