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Flocks of Starlings, Pigeons, and other nuisance birds have been attacking commercial structures throughout the world. These flocks invade the structures at night and with their accumulated droppings can cause maintenance, health, and safety problems. Avian Systems LLC has developed a line of commercial and industrial products that combat this very threat.

These systems were born from an idea given to us by a local USDA representative, in 1989. In his discussions with our engineers, he stated that he was tired of seeing people blow their money on neat electronic gadgets that do not work. At this item, it was his position that no product on the electronic bird scaring market would effectively work for more than one season. The key to cracking the roosting and nesting problem was to create a system that the birds could not become acclimated to. Avian Systems has done just that. Since 1992, Avian Systems has installed these systems in a variety of structures including: contemporary building, historical buildings, truck bays, warehouses, correctional facilities, landfills and several different types of towers.

One of the first major installations was at a State Reformatory, with a large water collection tank in the main tower. The State chief Engineer stated their problem, For several years, our facility has had very serious problems with starling, pigeons, and grackles. We removed approximately 68 tons of accumulated bird droppings. He goes on to state that; I have yet to see a single bird at the terrace (at the top of the tower) after the system was installed.

At a large downtown main bus terminal nesting starling and sparrows had been causing years of maintenance nightmares. As explained by the head of facility maintenance, We have a large outdoor canopied area which serves as a site for many events as well as the cover for the terminals main handicapped entrance. The accumulation of droppings and refuse from the nest caused me to wash that part of the facility on a daily basis. After installing the Avian Systems products, the number of nests has greatly decreased and the area needs to be washed only a few times a month.

We are in the process of building a multi-million dollar convention center with a glass roof, and I have a roost of several hundred thousand starling occupying the tower right in front of it. Explained a public building authority manager in a large southern capital. If Avian Systems could not find a solution to the problem my the convention center and my job was in serious jeopardy. After installation of an ASC 5000, the roost was broken in a few days, and the birds have not returned since.
Birds also cause a problem to commercial leasing and management companies. As explained by a manager of a large management company, accumulated bird droppings can cause you to loose perspective clients, and sometimes loose current occupants. These droppings do pose a health and safety risk, but mostly cause the exterior of the building to look very badly kept. Since installing an Avian Systems ASC 7000, I have had no complaints about the exterior conditions of my building and I have saved thousands of dollars by not having to repeated power wash the facility.

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