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CLAWSe - The Cordless Land-Air Wildlife System

Avian Systems introduces the ASC 3000e, designed to effectively and economically solve bird problems in large outdoor areas.

Three years of extensive research went into the development of the ASC 3000e, and the outcome is a system that is:
  • Able to deter nearly all varieties of bird species; including Gulls, Geese, Pigeons, Starlings, Crows, and Vultures, among others.
  • Highly mobile, allowing the ASC 3000e easy adaptation to changing environment.
  • Capable of covering several acres per unit.
  • Effectively minimizes secondary transfers of solid waste by birds.

The ASC 3000e is a completely self-contained bird deterrent system. Each ASC 3000e is equipped with a motor driven rotating propane cannon, a high power stereo system, a propane tank, a 12-volt battery, and a solar cell; all housed in an enclosed stainless steel cabinet. To operate, one must simply place the unit near the center of the problem area, turn the unit on, and fire from the hand held transmitter. When triggered, the powerful boom of the propane cannon and a myriad of frightening sounds from the stereo will move any birds in the area. The handheld also has the flexibility to operate up to four cannons or groups of cannons.

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Manufactured in the USA by: Avian Systems LLC