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Rotating Laser

Avian Systems, the recognized leader in the advancement of non-lethal bird deterrent systems introduces the cutting edge of frightening technology. 

The USDA Wildlife research group, based in Sandusky Ohio, recently contacted Avian Systems. They were lab testing a new application for deterring birds. For several months they had been testing lasers and their effects on a variety of bird species. Though the laser appeared successful in confined tests, there was no evidence of success in the field. Shortly thereafter Avian Systems began a series of field tests.

Avian Systems developed a drive system for low intensity laser beams, this allows the beam a 360-degree field and can be programmed to scan up or down as needed. The beam can also be programmed to stop, reverse field, and act in a random fashion. Development is underway for PC control to allow programming the beam to scan very precise areas.

One of the first tests pitted the laser against a nighttime roost of Canada Geese. An ideal site was found at a local golf course. On the course, the geese were flocking around one of the many lakes. The geese would begin to congregate a few hours before dark and stay throughout the night, leaving the surrounding areas littered with droppings.

Upon installation of the laser, the geese evacuated the site after one night. During the lasers operation there was no significant accumulation of droppings. The laser was removed to determine what conditions (the laser or some unknown condition) caused the geese to leave. Within 48 hours of removing the laser, the geese returned to the sight. The trial was repeated for another multi-week period, and once again proved successful.

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In the near future, Avian Systems plans to test the lasers effectiveness in deterring pigeons, followed by other bird species. If all tests prove as successful as expected, Avian Systems expects to have a production model of the laser ready soon.
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Manufactured in the USA by: Avian Systems LLC