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SlingShot  ASC 625

Avian Systems, the recognized leader in the advancement of non-lethal bird deterrent systems has taken this technology to a new dimension. 

The limits of existing technology (audio and visual distress) are twofold: 

  • Some areas prefer not to have the noise and light distractions that are present with audio and visual distress. 

  • Some species of birds, like pigeons, tend to ignore audio and visual distress over time unless substantial amounts are used.

  • Never before used method of deterrence
  • Installation is nearly invisible / no unsightly netting
  • Single unit has ability to cover large and oddly shaped areas
  • No lights, no noise, useable in areas that demand complete quiet
  • Proven to provide long term effectiveness
  • Performance is guaranteed
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Manufactured in the USA by: Avian Systems LLC