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Avian Systems LLC has spent years of research refining its CLAWS system into the most effective and most technologically advanced system available for airfield bird management. If fact, CLAWS is the only system of its kind to be rewarded with a US government sales contract (GSA Contract). The CLAWS system has been installed in the United States, Europe, the Pacific Rim, Asia and Africa. In all installations, the CLAWS system has successfully aided in reducing the number of Birds Strikes.

In one US domestic airbase, CLAWS (as a vital component of their bird management procedures) was installed at the end of 1997. The chart (as submitted by the air base) shows its effects.

FY 97/18
FY 98/6
FY 99/1

A United States Air Force Master Sergeant (commanding officer of flight safety at a different air base) goes on to say, It is my opinion that the Airfield Bird Strike Reduction Systems featuring the Cordless Land Air Wildlife System (CLAWS) has provided a definite ability to help control and disperse the bird population in and around the airfield.

The CLAWS system is also available in an economy model (CLAWSe). This system works without a control computer and without the necessity of RF equipment. There is a far lower cost of equipment as well as a lower installation price.

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